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Young children learn by imagining and doing. When your child engages in pretend play, he or she is actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life. Through cooperative play, he or she learns how to take turns, share responsibility, and creatively problem-solve. When your child pretends to be different characters, he or she has the experience of "walking in someone else's shoes," which helps teach the important moral development skill of empathy. It is normal for young children to see the world from their own egocentric point of view, but through maturation and cooperative play, your child will begin to understand the feelings of others. Your child also builds self-esteem when he or she discovers he can be anything just by pretending!

Here at, we have put together a collection of products aimed to assisting your child in pretend play, from 'playing house' with child-sized household goods, to different occupations like pretending to be a doctor, teacher or police officer!  We also offer a selection of dolls as children use these as part of their own empathy development, and we also carry princess-play items targeted for those interested in getting dressed up as magical royalty!

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